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   We have implemented a transparent and streamlined process for receiving the Investor Packet:

  1. Complete the information request form below.

  2. Once received, RVHarvest will generate an individualized investor qualification questionnaire, and a statement of risk. All of these documents will arrive electronically for you to sign and complete electronically. We will also provide you with an Executive Overview of the business proposition, Business Plan, Slide Deck and Sensitivity Analysis Video.

  3. Next, RVHarvest will send an Investor Packet which will include the private placement memorandum, through the same electronic means. This will need to be signed by you also. We will send the completed document back to you for review and discussion. 

  4. You will then contact us should you indicate you would like to move forward and explore the investment in greater detail and possibly move to acquiring one or more common units. 

  5. Once complete and you meet our investor criteria we will contact you to arrange for a video conference to discuss the opportunity and your individual needs. Should you agree to move forward we will send you the final Subscription and Escrow agreement for signature.

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DISCLAIMER: RVHarvest LLC is in the process of evaluating investment opportunities. This website is not an advertisement, offer or solicitation for investment. The content contained within is meant only to help investors determine if they potentially meet the "Accredited Investor" qualifications set forth by the SEC. Should you be interested in learning more about RVHarvest LLC please contact us to receive more information by clicking the blue button below.

Todd Brinegar
Contact Us:
p: 281-685-6004
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