Business Summary

RVHarvest is an investment vehicle for investors to make a difference and take advantage of the cannabinoid rich industrial oil market, without the associated risks of being involved in the risky cannabis market.

RVHarvest’s mission is to organically grow the highest quality cannabanoid rich industrial hemp for the Colorado wholesale markets for use in medicinal oil extracts.

Overview: RVHarvest, LLC is an investment vehicle to fund the farming of specialized hemp for the cannabinoid-rich industrial hemp oil market that is legal in the U.S. to grow. With our hemp growing, experienced local team, the RVHarvest solution is to cultivate a commercial organic hemp farm targeting the U.S. market for industrial/medical/medicinal hemp rich in cannabidiol (hemp CBD). 


Our farming operations will initially allow for cultivating on existing 60 acre half circle fields leased in Colorado. On this grow, we will plant proven strains of hemp CBD; delivering the highest value product for the wholesale industrial/medical/medicinal hemp CBD oil extraction markets.

Target Markets: RVHarvest will initially focus all efforts on the wholesale cannabinoid rich industrial oil market for several reasons:


1)     The Wholesale market allows us to presell, on contract, a segment of our annual production. This will allow us to hedge against certain market fluctuations.

2)      Wholesaling will allow us to retain a percentage of our harvest to sell when the market demand increases for oil extraction typically in the late-spring and early-summer.

3)     Wholesaling eliminates the need for RVHarvest to be in the transportation or extraction business.

Roll-out Strategy: Our primary focus for the first half of 2018 is to raise capital to fund the 2019 planting season. During the second half of 2018 we will enter into a contract with our grower, set up farming leases and the necessary contracts to distribute our harvest. Starting 2019 we will begin to purchase seeds and plant our first crop in April of 2019 (weather permitting) with a forecasted harvest in early October 2019.


Revenue Assumptions: The company intends to establish a viable hemp CBD farming operation with the objective to create market presence and expand the operation. RVHarvest intends to cultivate 60 acres of hemp CBD flower and projects to yield gross revenues of $3.8MM in Q4 2019. As our farming processes improve, acreage production yields should grow, increasing revenues to $5MM and $6.3MM in the following two years. We project investor payout will be in three years.


Financial Projections: Based on a hemp CBD extraction model, the company projects gross margins of 64%, 70% and 74% over the first three years beginning in 2019. Over this period net profits after tax will increase from 38% in 2019 to 42% and 44% in the subsequent two years which will enable a full payback of the investment to the investors by Q1 2022. The company can also elect to broker extraction contracts by providing feedstock for extraction. These contracts could reduce the investor payback timeframe to 2 years.


Funding Request: The company is raising sufficient capital through a private placement offering. The funds will be used for farming contracts, fertilizer, fuel, seed acquisition, land/facility/equipment leases, working capital and contingency funds. For more information about the use of funds Click Here.

Exit Strategy: We anticipate a payout covering initial investor funds by Q1 2022. We do not anticipate a liquidity event prior to eight years of production. Therefore, there is no foreseeable exit strategy.

Risk: Investment in smaller companies can involve greater risk than is generally associated with investment in larger, more established companies that can result in significant capital losses that may have a detrimental effect on the value of your original and subsequent investment(s). We strongly advise you contact tax and legal professionals to understand the complete risks of investing.

DISCLAIMER: RVHarvest LLC is in the process of evaluating investment opportunities. This website is not an advertisement, offer or solicitation for investment. The content contained within is meant only to help investors determine if they potentially meet the "Accredited Investor" qualifications set forth by the SEC. Should you be interested in learning more about RVHarvest LLC please contact us to receive more information by clicking the blue button below.

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