Investor Summary

Funding Requirements


RVHarvest is seeking sufficient capital for funding of the development and operations of the business. For more information on the total capital being raised and the individual investment requirements please contact us.

Use of Funds

  1. Land - The Company will be leasing 60 acre half circle pieces of land according to anticipated market need and suitability to grow hemp from seed stock. This will allow RVHarvest to scale up or down according to economic factors. It will also allow the team to pick the land - by season - that will be most beneficial to the growing of hemp.

  2. Farming Contractor - RVHarvest has engaged with an experienced farming contractor who has successfully harvested over 600 acres of hemp in the 2017 season. This will eliminate any learning curve and allow RVHarvest to immediately have successful harvests.

  3. Capital Equipment - Numerous pieces of farm cultivation and property maintenance equipment will be required. The list includes various types of vehicles, spreaders, tillers, mowers, skid steer and attachments, chipper, decorrigator, etc. A majority of this equipment will be leased by our Farming Contractor as a part of their contract.

  4. Seeds and soil preparation - In the first year we will need to purchase seeds that are ready to be planted in the field. Or contractor will source seeds that are know to achieve high CBD yields while remaining under the legal THC limits of .03%.

  5. Location and Administrative Expenses - This will include, license fees, prepaid insurance, and legal/accounting fees,

  6. Contingency Funds and

  7. Working Capital 


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